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What do you do when you simply and quickly want an unbiased, empowering viewpoint? Where do you go when you want to put something in a clear perspective for yourself? What do you do when you’re wanting to accomplish something and you’re stuck with “what’s next” or “how”?

My help will be thorough, to give you the most options, most useful things to do, most beneficial solutions, and best possible ideas. I can also recommend my own resources for achieving your internet goals, and suggest simple online solutions.

It’s a habit of mine to go way beyond, and give generously. For that reason, I set up this site. I can then still contribute to anyone who asks, yet not have a sense of bypassing my own goals ahead of everyone else’s. I ask you to pay for the use of my time, for my extensive online & offline experience, plus my ability to find creative solutions.

This fun, short story explains...
The story goes that Picasso was sitting at a cafe enjoying the summer morning sun, when a lady came up to him and asked him to sketch a portrait of her. “Oui Madam”, he replied, reaching for his drawing book. Within a matter of minutes he had finished the rendition of his subject, and turning the page to show her, scribbled his price for the portrait on a napkin. She exploded! “You must be crazy, asking that much! It took you 3 minutes to draw my portrait!” “Yes Madam”, Picasso replied in a slow drawl, “but it took me 40 years to learn how”.

These lists of 546-goals and Tolerations give you several ideas for the kinds of subjects that you could address using the "Ask-Thea-About" service.

More ideas for possible topics, include...
relationships (with anyone, including yourself), career, abundance, law of attraction, health goals, procrastination, organizing, planning, mindset, thoughts, empowerment, creativity, things that hold you back, focus, achieving clarity, online marketing, setting up a website, article writing and publishing, internet tools and resources, self esteem, confidence, habits, producing results...

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